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Hiveworks Mead

Crimson Queen Carbonated Blueberry Session Mead (4-Pack)

Crimson Queen Carbonated Blueberry Session Mead (4-Pack)

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Crimson Queen Carbonated Blueberry Session Mead: 16oz 4-Pack

Crimson Queen is a distinctively delicious dry carbonated blueberry session mead imbued with the delicate flavor of blueberries and a beautiful magenta hue. A carefully selected blend of honeys and whole blueberries perfectly melds to produce a refreshingly crisp and perfectly carbonated drink.

Naturally gluten-free, zero sugar, low in carbohydrates, and free of sulfites. 

What is Hiveworks Mead?

Hiveworks is reinventing mead for the modern age. Simply put, mead is an alcoholic beverage fermented primarily from the sugars found in honey. It is believed to be the oldest known alcoholic beverage, dating to 7000 BCE, and has been popular among many of history’s great civilizations such as the Greeks, Romans, Ethiopians, and most famously, the Nordic Vikings. Our session carbonated meads are lower in alcohol than traditional meads, and more completely fermented, yielding a beverage with low residual sugar. The result is a light, and refreshing beverage, perfect on a warm summer day. Our dry meads also pair easily with any meal.

Recommended Cheese Pairings: Crimson Queen Carbonated Blueberry Session Mead 

  • Cypress Grove - Purple Haze
  • Pennyroyal Farmstead - Blueberry Laychee
  • Central Coast Creamery - Sagittarius



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