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At Hiveworks, we create fantastic meads for the modern age. We bring a unique perspective to producing a refreshing, delicious alternative to beer. Fermented from honey, mead is considered to be history's oldest alcoholic beverage. Our mead is naturally gluten-free, zero sugar, low in carbohydrates, and free of sulfites. Ecologically friendly, mead supports crop pollinators, uses minimal water, land, and power to produce, and generates dramatically less waste.

Hiveworks Mead Company originated in a shared passion for fermentation among childhood friends Sean, Alex, and Julian. Their mutual affinity for the ancient, delightful beverage known as mead, and subsequent exploration in creating their own recipes spurred their entrepreneurial journey.

From the outset, innovation has been central to the trio's endeavors. Early forays into traditional mead crafting yielded distinctive varieties like Chai Spice, Orange Vanilla, Fresh Peach, and Sparkling Kiwi. Simultaneously, Sean and Julian, grappling with gluten intolerance and the consequent inability to drink beer, directed their exploration towards session meads—a lighter, lower-alcohol, carbonated adaptation of this age-old libation. The enthusiastic reception from friends and family, coupled with a wild Halloween party that famously drained an entire keg of "Moon Scream Mead," emboldened the trio to share their mead with a wider audience, culminating in the establishment of Hiveworks Mead Company.

Presently, Hiveworks Mead Company operates a modest production facility catering to the discerning tastes of Sonoma County and neighboring communities, with aspirations for a larger-scale production facility to serve the West Coast. Beyond production, our vision includes the establishment of a local taproom—a "mead hall"—offering an expanded repertoire of session meads. Moreover, we aim to enrich the community by hosting educational events, supporting local art and music, and fostering an atmosphere of conviviality and camaraderie. Hiveworks Mead Company endeavors to be a beacon of goodwill, spreading joy and fostering friendships through the appreciation of fine mead.

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